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At the outset

  How ICON batteries came into existence

ICON PVC Battery separators have established for itself a niche since 1998, the year of inception. The secret of success has been an open-minded management style and a quality management philosophy, supported by a proactive customer-supplier relationship and achieving customer satisfaction. For these five years, ICON separator have responded marvelously to the increasing demands of the lead acid automotive and stand by application battery industry.

Today, ICON Industries carries for word its tradition of quality assurance and pro-customer outlook to the hi-tech and intensely competitive environment of batteries, with the launch of ICON Batteries for automotive and industrial application.

3P's ; Our Base

Power, Precision and Performance are the three compelling reasons for choosing ICON batteries. Each product design has been monitored to meticulously to withstand heavy-duty operation and mechanical stresses at all condition. Inside each ICON battery, you can surely find outstanding engineering, which ensures superior mechanical strength, and exceptional thermo-stability.

High Quality through efficient Distribution Network

The immense insight  gained  through manufacturing and distribution of ICON PVC  Separators is helping Icon Industries roll out batteries that are ahead in terms of expertise and distribution network. The objective of the company is ''Highest Quality, Most Reasonable price'', and the entire built-up and quality control process have been geared to turn out batteries of international standards of durability and know-how. our Automotive range features the world's finest Japanese technology to ensure highest productivity durability and reliability at all ambient temperature conditions

Qualities to Serve

  •  Thermo-sealed Tamper-proof Lid to resist leakage and corrosion.

  •  Hi-tech Grid holds the active material to ensure long life and optimum power

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene Container prevents leakage and offers complete protection to the plates against damage from knocks, vibrations and environmental factors

  • Inter-cell Welding through partition wall results in better cranking

  • Use of dry charged plates helps in Quick Initial Charging

Follow instructions to get the best service

  •  All Series Batteries are in Dry Charged condition.

  •  The dry charged battery is activated instantaneously without initial charge, just by filling the electrolyte and waiting about 20 minutes. Then the battery can be replaced and used for starting the vehicle. In case the additional charging is recommended for long life, the charging time is about 2 5 hours

  • Initially fill the batteries with cool battery grade dilute sulphuric acid of 1.220 specific gravity * Allow the plates of the battery soaked with acid for about 20 minutes after filling acid.

  • Allow cooling for 8 to12 hours

  • commence initial charging at prescribed rates

  • Working specific gravity of all batteries.1.240-+0.01

  • Continue charging for 55 to 60 hours till individual cells attain a proper charge voltage of 2.6 to 2.7 volts. For a 12v battery the top of charge voltage will be 15.6 to 16.2 volts. After this switch off charge

  • Top up all cells with 1.240 specific gravity battery grade sulphuric acid through proper level *Remove used battery from the vehicle and stack battery on vehicle carefully without reversed polarity (positive and negative). Remove the negative terminal first which is connected to the vehicle to avoid the danger of short-circuit when removing the battery from the vehicle.*Never take off the aluminum foil or sealing tape until filling electrolyte.

Keep Yourself SAFE

  •  Wear protective glasses, gloves and clothing when handling with sulphuric acid. I n case of accidental contact, flush externally with water and drink large quantities of water or milk. Get prompt medical attention

  • Batteries produce explosive gases: Keep sparks and cigarette flames away

  • Do not connect a battery immediately after bench charging; Provide few hours rest before fitment in vehicle or equipment

  • Keep vent plugs tightly fitted and vent holes clean to allow free exit of gases

  • Keep out of the reach of children or untrained personnel.

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